Dancing Fountain Citi Housing Jhelum

The construction of Asia’s biggest dancing fountain is underway in Citi Housing Jhelum. The fountain will be a stunning 200 meters tall and wide, making it one of the largest of its kind. It will be located on the backside of D Block and is being built to attract tourists and provide entertainment for the residents.

Asia’s largest dancing fountain is set to take center stage in Citi Housing Jhelum, and it is is being constructed as part of a larger development that includes a variety of restaurants, and other attractions. The fountain will be the centerpiece of the development, with its size and intricate design sure to draw large crowds.

The dancing fountain is designed to be synchronized with music, movements, and lights, creating a mesmerizing display. The fountain will be made up of multiple levels and jets that will shoot water up to 200 meters in the air. It is expected that the fountain will be able to put on a show that will captivate audiences and draw people from all over the region.

The fountain is being constructed with the latest technology, ensuring that it will be able to put on a show like no other. The jets and movements of the fountain will be controlled by a computer system, allowing for precise timing and coordination. To top it off, the fountain will be illuminated by LED lights and surrounded by lush landscaping, making for a truly beautiful sight. The construction of Asia’s biggest dancing fountain is sure to be a huge draw for tourists and locals alike.

The fountain is designed to be a major tourist destination, as well as a source of entertainment for the residents. The fountain will be surrounded by a range of food outlets, including McDonald’s, Salt and Pepper, Jade Express, and Marinara the Pizza Company. Visitors to the fountain will be able to enjoy a delicious meal with an unbeatable view. The installation work for the fountain has been progressing rapidly, and the citizens of Jhelum can look forward to a spectacular sight when the fountain is finished.

Macdonald's in Dancing Fountain Jhelum - Coming Soon

The restaurants near the dancing fountain in Citi Housing Jhelum are going to be truly amazing. They offer a wide variety of food options, ranging from traditional Pakistani dishes at Salt and Pepper, to fast food at McDonald’s. For those looking for a more casual dining experience, Marinara the Pizza Company serves delicious pizzas, and Jade Express offers a versatile menu with something for everyone.

Salt n Pepper Dancing Fountain  City Housing Jhelum - Coming Soon
Marinara & Jade Dancing Fountain - City Housing Jhelum - Coming Soon

Visitors can enjoy a cup of coffee from Gloria Jeans while taking in the glorious view of the dancing fountain. The fountain and the surrounding restaurants will make for the perfect destination for a day out with family and friends. Visitors can indulge in delicious food and enjoy the spectacular sight of the fountain at the same time. The restaurants offer a great dining experience with an unbeatable view of the dancing fountain. The variety of food options available will make it a perfect place to visit for everyone.

Gloria Jeans Citi Housing Dancing Fountain Jhelum

The fountain will offer breathtaking views, and visitors will be able to enjoy the sights while savoring delicious food. The fountain will be a popular destination for visitors and locals alike, and visitors will be able to enjoy the views with a cup of Gloria Jeans coffee. Get ready to witness the dazzling waterlines of the fountain and experience the magic of the biggest dancing fountain in Asia.

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