Citi Housing Jhelum | Location Map | Price Plan 2022

Citi Housing Scheme Jhelum

Citi Housing Jhelum is a housing society with commercial markets and complete infrastructure. Designed and developed with precision, this gated community provides an admirably secure and lavish lifestyle with a scenic landscape. 

The City Housing Scheme Jhelum is trying to give a healthy lifestyle to its occupants. People of Jhelum consider Citi Housing as the criterion for the standard quality of lifestyle, care, horticulture, town planning, improvement, and development.


It is in the center of Jhelum City on the main GT Road. It is also a safe investment and has a straightforward approach to bus lines and the metro. 

World-class restaurants, entertainment places, and shopping malls are closely accessible to the site of Citi Housing Jhelum. It is the best investment opportunity and a top-grade luxury project with trade and innovation.


Concerned authorities have approved this housing venture. Here are a few features of the Citi Housing Jhelum.

  • Air-conditioned Mosque
  • School
  • Citi Shopping MART
  • China Citi Restaurant
  • The Opera Cinema
  • Citi Parlor
  • Modern Zoo
  • Wide Road Network
  • Commercial Area
  • Town Monuments
  • Landscaped parks
  • Streetscapes
  • Monuments of Greek pillars
  • Trafalgar Square replica
  • Administrative Office
  • Replica Eiffel Tower Coming Soon

Payment Plan

Investing in Citi housing Jhelum will generate great profit. Various size plots are accessible for sale in this housing society comprising 5 Marlas, 10 Marlas, 1 Kanal, and 2 Kanal. These are accessible in flexible installments in Hyde Park Block. Its prices range from plot to plot. They provide a 2.5-year installment plan. 

Developed plots and houses in other blocks are available only in cash.  Possession blocks of Citi Housing Jhelum are A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, J, K. Whereas non possession blocks of Citi Housing Jhelum are block DD, Block EE, Fountain block, and Hyde park.

Rates of Block A and F

Below are the rates of block A and F of the Citi Housing Jhelum.

5 Marla38+ lacs
7 Marla55+ lacs
10 Marla72+ lacs
1 Kanal105+ lacs

Rates of Block B and D

5 Marla48+ lacs
7 Marla65+ lacs
10 Marla80+ lacs
1  Kanal120+ lacs

Rates of Block E

7 Marla55+ lacs
10 Marla72+ lacs
1 Marla105+ lacs

Rates of Block J

7 Marla65+ lacs
10 Marla85+ lacs

Hyde Park

The Citi Housing has recently announced a new block called Citi Housing Hyde Park Jhelum, which will give the good quality of lifestyle and will upscale the community norms, pursuing the persistent development of Citi Housing Jhelum. The Citi Housing Jhelum Hyde Park, which covers 2400 Kanals, is Pakistan’s massive, beautiful green park.

We have mentioned the price range in the table below.

Hyde Park Citi Housing Jhelum, Residential Plots Installment Plan

Payment Plan- Residential

Plot SizeDimensionsTotal PriceDown Payment10 Quarterly Installments
5 Marla25×452,475,000475,000200,000
10 Marla35×654,450,000799,000365,100

Payment Plan- Commercial

Plot SizeTotal PriceBooking10 Quarterly installments
4 Marla11,500,0001,500,000750,000
8 Marla22,500,0002,500,0001,500,000

Fountain Block

The Citi Housing Jhelum has a block named fountain block. Dancing Fountain is a stylish and leading dancing fountain in fountain block. It is the largest dancing water fountain in Asia. Over 250 water fountains dance to the most endearing orchestra, opera, classical, pop, and local folk tunes. 

Citi Housing Jhelum Development Updates

Residential Area of Fountain Block

It is a dream of so many to live in an ideal location. The dancing fountain allows you to make a house in your dream location. Imagine living somewhere near the fountain: all lights and glow, a vast spectrum of amenities, musical shows, and much more.

Commercial Area of Fountain Block

The commercial area of the fountain block has plots of 4 to 8 Marla’s for sale.

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